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The Instructor Station website allows the Flight Instructor to track the performance of the pilot's approach and landing at the selected runway.

The Approach Map page provides the actual horizontal (upper graph) and vertical (lower graph) flight path the pilot is flying in realtime (red line). It also provides the ideal path (solid green lines) and the maximum boundaries (dotted green line), both for the horizontal and vertical view. On the vertical view the terrain elevation (brown line) is shown. The Approach Map can be scaled in distance and altitude. Additionally also the slope of the vertical path can be set. Also the key flight parameters such as speed, heading, vertical speed, barometric altitude, radio altitude and flaps configuration are shown in realtime. Finaly also the bearing and distance of the aircraft relative to the runway are shown.


The approach shown above is from a landing at LSZB (Bern, Switzerland) on runway 14. The runway elevation is 1668 Ft. The approach glide slope is steeper than normal and is 4 degrees in this case. It has been adjusted for in the Approach Map.

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