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We are a group of passionate aviation enthousiasts, who each on our own have already done several simulator projects. With the A320 Simulator we found a common passion and purpose to bring our skills together in this unique project. Together we possess all the skills (hardware, software, aviation, etc) required to make this project a success.

The hardware part of A320 Simulator project started out with Rene and Jan doing the reconversion of a cockpit of a narrow body BAE Jetstream, reworking it into the size and dimensions of the wide body A320. This was an enourmous undertaking that took a massive amount of time and effort. In order to speed up the development, a real Airbus cockpit was acquired, together with many original cockpit panels and instruments. This was a fast and huge step forward.

On the software side, none of the available packages on the market offered the high level of detail and accuracy that Rene and Jan were requiring to match the realism of the A320 hardware they were bringing together. Furthermore, none of them allowed for the required customization and integration.

Bruno started his software development several years earlier as separate stand-alone project. From the start it was conceived to be a stand-alone application, not requiring any specific simulator hardware (i.e. it can be used without the rest of the A320 cockpit hardware). Fully modular, Bruno build over multiple years all the software modules for all the aircraft instruments and systems.

Growing over time, together we more and more got convinced to go for the maximum use of real OEM Airbus parts and started focussing on the requirements and specific integration of Bruno's A320 Simulator Software with the real original A320 cockpit hardware.

Now it has all come together ...

"An A320 Simulator, ... as real as it gets"

By combining the real Airbus hardware together with our extremely advanced and integrated software, we go for the ultimate experience.

Enjoy the website and do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or the realtime chat whenever you see us online...

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