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After happily flying for many years with FSX, my A320Sim software has now been interfaced with Xplane 11.
A custom A320-200 aircraft model has been developed and the basic flight tests have been successfully passed.
Now it was time for the real test: a full ILS autoland.
In the video you see the complete ILS Autoland at EBBR25L with as only required manual action the pull back of the Thrust Levers to Idle and Retard. All the rest is fully automatic !

As a small extra also the HUD was deployed so that you can easily follow the landing and its performance, without having to scan all of the displays and instruments. Pay in particular attention to the vertical line in the middle of the HUD. At the top end of this line the synthetic runway is drawn. This is basically the projection of the runway contour that allows the pilot to easily find the runway (for example in bad weather/visibility).

Below the video you find the Approach Plot for this landing from my Instructor Station

IOS Approach Plot - Xplane 11 EBBR25L ILS Autoland

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