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One of the systems that we have also implemented in the A320 Simulator Software is the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).
It has been implemented following the model and working of the Honeywell CAS-81A (implementing TCAS II Change 7.0).


ATC/TCAS control panel

On the video below you can see the TCAS in action.
Be carefull, this is a video with sound… and the TCAS Traffic alert sound can be loud 😉

On the video you see:

  • The Instructor Station “Traffic” Page being used to configure an intruder aircraft that comes flying straight towards our A320
  • The intruder aircraft initially triggers a TA (Traffic Alert) which you can see on the ND by the intruders aircraft symbol turning yellow and the “Traffic” aural message
  • Then the intruder aircraft comes too close to our A320 and an RA (Resolution Advisory) is triggered. This is shown on the ND when the intruder aircraft symbol turns to red and on the PFD’s vertical speed scale a red/green indication appears and the aural instruction is given to the pilot to descent
  • The Auto Pilot is turned off (and because this is done by pushing the AP button on the FCU, a Master Warning is triggered)
  • The pilot gives nose down pitch and the A320 starts descending
  • The descent is however not fast enough and the TCAS gives “Increase Descent” aural instruction
  • Finally the collision with the intruder aircraft is avoided and TCAS gives the “Clear Of Conflict” aural message
  • The Altitude Alert Sound (buzzer) is triggered since we are leaving the FCU selected altitude

The TCAS simulation has been developed so that the pilot of  the intruder aircraft performs the TCAS instructed climb/descent/maintain vertical speed.

If however the pilot in the A320 Simulator does not perform the TCAS instructions that he is getting, the likelihood of a collision will be very high. This can be seen in the following video where the A320 Simulator pilot ignores the TCAS instructions and the intruder aircraft collides with the A320. You can visually see the intruder aircraft approaching fast.

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