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The A320 Simulator has a Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR). Commonly referred to as a Black Box.
It stores a vast number of parameters that are recorded in realtime to a file.

We are using the Elasticsearch Open Source project to perform offline analysis of the recorded flight data.

Below you see the flight analysis of a departure from EBBR 25L with return and manual landing back at EBBR 25L. A video of the final part of the landing corresponding with this flight analysis can be seen here.

The EBBR 25L ILS was set for this landing, but the Auto Pilot was not engaged since it was a manual landing. However with the ILS configured, the DFDR records the Localizer (LOC) and Glide Slope (G/S) deviation. This is the deviation of the actual aircraft position versus the ILS localizer and glide slope. If you zoom in on the below Flight Analysis you will find the ILS LOC and ILS G/S Charts.

Flight Analysis

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