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The Integrated Standby Instrument System integrates into one single instrument the 4 classical standby instruments (Compass, Horizon, Airspeed, Altimeter).

In our software it has been implemented in its full detail. This includes the startup initialization, the Attitude reset (by pushing the ATT RST button), setting of the SPD and ALT bugs (behind the BUGS button), representation of the ILS glideslope and localizer deviation, and the different failure flags. Also the barometric reference pressure can be adjusted by turning the BARO knob, while pushing the knob puts the baro reference to STD.

The Integrated Standby Instrument System has been build as separate stand-alone program that can run on any Microsoft Windows PC or Linux Raspberry Pi in the network, and communicates over the network with the central A320 Simulator core.

Click below to see the instrument in action on Raspberry Pi. On the right hand side you see the Raspberry Pi Desktop (via Windows Remote Desktop), and on the left hand side you see a small Windows test application to vary the different parameters. The Raspberry Pi and the windows PC communicate with eachother over a WIFI LAN.

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