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Flight above the Alps

A flight above the Alps with all the modules of the A320 Simulator Software running together on a single PC. If you click on the image you can take a look in high resolution to look at the details.

As described in an earlier blog, I started working on the different EIS Versions some time back. This is just a quick flight to test the software after reworking the Display Units (DU) and Display Management Computer (DMC) modules. They are now fully implementing both EIS 1 as well as EIS 2 standards. In the above screenshot you see the EIS 2 standard.

On the Captain Navigation Display (ND 1 on the left) the Terrain information is shown. You can see the tops of the mountains colouring brown or even some red, indicating that we are flying quite low and close to the mountain tops. The Radio Altimiter is only showing 2250 ft above ground. And the EGPWS is indicating that the highest peaks are upto 12400 ft, while we are only flying at 10000 ft. So what we are doing here is dangerous and by no means a realistic scenario in a real flight. But then again, this is a simulated test flight only and it gives a nice view outside 🙂

On the First Officer Navigation Display (ND 2 on the right) we are showing the weather information from the Weather Radar (WRX). In the WRX Control Panel on the bottom you see the selector switch set to 2. It is set to show weather and turbulence info (WX / TURB) and we are tilting the radar slightly down to -1.0 degree. Ahead of us all looks fine. To our right the WRX detects some bad weather in 2 cells at about 20 and 40 NM distance. Better stay on this course and not fly into those, especially when flying this low and close to the mountains 🙂

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