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The Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) System Display (SD) presents the synoptic diagrams of the aircraft systems and the status messages on a status page.

It is implemented in the Display Unit (DU) application.

This is a stand-alone application that can be run on Windows PC and communicates over the network with the simulator core engine.

It displays 12 system pages :

  • ENGINE (secondary engine parameters)
  • BLEED (air bleed)
  • CAB PRESS (cabin pressurization)
  • ELEC (electrical power)
  • HYD (hydraulic)
  • FUEL (fuel)
  • APU (auxiliary power unit)
  • COND (air conditioning)
  • DOOR/OXY (doors/oxygen)
  • WHEEL (landing gear, braking, ground spoilers, etc.)
  • F/CTL (flight controls)
  • CRUISE (cruise)

The pilot may manually call up a system page for display, or the system may automatically display a page (related to the specific flight phase or a failure)

The status page displays an operational summary of the aircraft after the SD has displayed a failure.

The SD also displays permanent data on the bottom of the display :

  • Total Air Temperature (TAT)
  • Static Air Temperature (SAT)
  • Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
  • Gross Weight (GW)

The SD, like all the other DU's can be dimmed.

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